Monday, February 6, 2012

The Legendary Urban Style For Small Living Spaces

Urban style is the most appropriate approach to interior design of smaller living spaces. This is perfect for condominiums and apartments because the furniture pieces and other fixtures are designed in the right scale for a metropolitan and upbeat look. This metropolitan look evokes a minimalist and edgy feel that leans towards the contemporary theme but will still retain some decorative elements and more relaxed and tapered profiles and lines. If you are looking for a contemporary look in your home interior, then you may consider using darker finishes, ceramic or glass top inlays, furniture pieces with metal elements, and a leather recliner in place of a loveseat or sofa.
Urban Style in your Living Room
You have to decide if you are going to go for light or deeper color palette for the windows treatments, walls and other areas where you are going to put fabrics and rugs. However, you must remember that you have to make them earth-toned or as neutral as possible. You also have to carefully select the entertainment center, end tables and coffee tables that have generally dark and smooth finish. Your safe choices include espresso, java and ebony. When planning your urban style living room it is essential that you carefully consider your picks in terms of furniture pieces and other elements to make sure that these become the definitive focal points of your interior design.
In urban style of interior design, you don't necessarily have to go for just one type of element. Even if you are working with a limited living space, urban style allows you to use conversational groupings that create more than one focal point within the same room. Thus, this is a perfect approach in the interior design of your living room. You also have to choose the right kind of couch that will take into account the limited space that you are working on. This means that your range of choices should include a sleeper sofa or a convertible sofa. This is another important aspect of urban style; it's multi-purpose and highly functional.
Urban Style in your Dining Room
You get a trendy look when you adopt the urban style in the interior design of your dining room. Still, this retains the character of timeless sophistication. The overall design of your furniture pieces and other fixture will have to be compact. In addition to this, the profile of your accent elements such as the servers, china cabinets and sideboards must have a crisp and clean look. Just like in the living room, the lines must be relaxed and slightly curved or tapered. You can use dining chairs with curved back while the legs of your dining table can be elegantly shaped.
In order to achieve a contemporary look when using the urban style in your interior design, it is essential that you go for upholstered chairs with earth-toned finish. You can use rich colors as backdrop to these furniture pieces. In this way, you are able to keep your overall interior design simple while creating a dramatic break in the elements with the infusion of bright color splashes that easily grab your attention. While this makes for a strong impact on the right places, your dining room will still retain its homey and warm character.
Urban Style in your Bedroom
Urban style in your bedroom will definitely give it a trendy look. While this approach to your interior design is generally contemporary in style, it gets you one step further by giving you an overall interior design that is flexible and adaptable in specific urban settings, especially for those we normally find in apartments and condominiums. A 4-piece bedroom set with leather panel platform makes for a great focal point for your interior design of your bedroom. It takes on a relaxed and understated elegance which is a distinctive character of urban style bedroom design. The lines are generally simple with metal accents that are highly-polished. The leather elements of the bed panels provide the cosmopolitan and luxurious feel of your bedroom.

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