Monday, February 6, 2012

A Touch of Brilliance - Water Gardening in a Small City Space

If you think that because of your small city yard or patio you can't have
a water garden, you will be happy to know that you can! Containers that need very little space can make very charming gardens.
When you think of water lilies and water hyacinths being grown in
a garden, you may picture them in large pools or ponds. They
grow just as well in containers, though. Water plants need 5
full hours of direct sunlight per day, preferably with shade in
the afternoons when the sun is the strongest.
A deciduous tree
may not be the best option for the shade in the afternoons,
however, since the falling leaves in autumn can clog the pumps
and harm the fish.
Suggestions on Starting A Water Garden
You need to be able to access water easily to fill and maintain
the level of your garden. The water will evaporate, so it will
need refilled as this happens in order to keep the plants
healthy. If you use water that is chlorinated, allow the water
to sit for at least 2 days before adding it, so that the chlorine
can evaporate and not harm the plants.
Some areas use a
different form of chlorine called chloramines. If your area does
this, you will to go to a water garden supply store and buy a
product that will remove the chloramines from the water garden.
The container that you use for your water garden can be any
waterproof container that holds at least four gallons of water.
A popular and very stylish option are old wooden whiskey barrels
cut in half. Make sure that you line it with gauge plastic
to protect the plants and fish from substances that may
have been absorbed into the wood. A container this small will
only have room for one water lily with some water grasses around
the sides.
Other interesting options for containers are glazed
pottery crocks and old cast iron bathtubs with feet.
After you choose a container, you can choose plants to add to it.
Remember that tropical water lilies have larger blooms than
regular lilies. They are also the most fragrant, bloom more
often, and come in a larger variety of colors. You will have to
store them in a cool place in the winter though (in colder
They can't be left in the cold weather. They can be
planted in temperatures of 75 degrees during the day and 65
degrees at night.
After you choose the plants, you can begin to plant them. To
begin, you will place a layer of garden soil in the bottom of
each pot. Then, you should position the plants at their
recommended planting depths before filling the rest of the pot
with soil.
After the plant is in the soil, a half inch layer of
gravel should be added to the top to keep the soil in place. Use
potting soil with NO fertilizers, chemicals, perlite, or
vermiculite. Last, you should water the plants until the soil is
saturated, then place them in your chosen containers on top of
bricks. Last, you can add the water to the container.
You can be very creative in small space garden designs
by including water gardens even in very small areas with small containers. An urban garden with the peaceful
sound of flowing water can help to relax you and feel like you
are in the country instead of the city.

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