Monday, February 6, 2012

Terrace Grill - Urban Spaces Demand a Different Approach to Grilling

Today's urban lifestyle often calls for a special kind of grill, one ideally suited to apartment, condo, or townhouse living. A terrace grill would need to have certain characteristics. First, it would need to be light and compact. Next, it would need to remain cool to the touch, no matter how hot it got inside, so you could place it on a tabletop. Finally, to be a true terrace grill, it would have to set up in a jiffy, cleanup quick, and pack up for storage in the blink of an eye. It would be a real bonus if this terrace grill consumed very little charcoal.
Let me introduce you to The Cobb Premium Portable Grill. It's got "terrace grill" written all over it... well, not literally, but you get the idea! Some have called the Cobb a kitchen-in-a bag. Others have named it a complete portable cooking system. Whatever you call it, the Cobb is sure to please demanding apartment, condo, and townhouse dwellers everywhere, especially those with limited space and a discerning palate.
The limited space is perfectly answer by the Cobb's small footprint... about a square foot to be exact. And, at a shade over eight pounds, it's light and easy to move around and store. The discerning palate is addressed by the Cobb's ability to perform all sorts of cooking duties with style - steaming, grilling, roasting, pan-frying, or even smoking! The Cobb also has a secret "flavor-well" that lets you add the liquid of your choice - wine, beer, water, whatever - to keep your food moist and impart whatever flavor you like! Go ahead... experiment!
Experimenting won't cost you much either, because the Cobb is miserly when it comes to using charcoal. This little beast will burn up to three hours on just a few charcoal briquettes - only eight to ten to be exact! How's that for efficient? No need to buy and store that big bag of briquettes... why not grab the small bag instead?
You can accessorize your Cobb any way you like, from the roasting rack to the griddle, from the frying dish/wok to the frying pan/skillet. This gives you tremendous flexibility while preparing meals your family and friends will praise loudly. Go ahead, let them!
When it comes time to clean up, the Cobb's aluminum and stainless steel construction mean ease and speed. Just toss it in the dishwasher, and go do something else. The mesh base stays cool while you cook, making the Cobb a true tabletop terrace grill, and allowing you to safely move it around, even while you're cooking.

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