Monday, February 6, 2012

Using California Poppies for Urban Spaces

You may assume that you can only enjoy the beauty of flowers if you have a garden, whether its a large or small space. If you live in an urban area, getting access to outside areas other than public parks can often be difficult, especially in the modern world where sky rise apartment blocks are becoming increasingly common. This doesn't mean that you can't grow a range of plants and flowers to bring color to your environment. And if you're looking for a great group of plants which suit small containers and baskets then California poppies are ideal.
Growing California poppies in small urban spaces makes perfect sense. They are quick growing, do not need a lot of space, and their soil and food requirements are little. California poppies are also annual in their nature so that they only last a year. In an urban environment this can actually be a great positive because at the end of the year you can simply collect seeds, throw away dead plants, and not have to worry about trying to over-winter specimens. Containers can be cleaned out for the colder months so that they look neat and tidy, and when the warmer weather appears you can simply sow new poppy seeds for another year of beautiful color.
You do not need a large amount of space to grow California poppies in and you can also pack plants tightly together meaning that even the smallest area can have some life brought to it. Balconies are perfect for poppies and you can use a collection of containers all planted up with different varieties of this wonderful poppy family to bring a vast array of hues to your home. If you don't have a balcony then do not worry as California poppies also work incredibly well in window boxes. Planted in mass or alongside other plants they will grow profusely, spilling over the edges and producing vibrant blooms. Even hanging baskets can be made using California poppies and you will find that plants will quickly begin to cascade over the edges, creating a waterfall effect of intense and cheering flowers. Meanwhile, if you have steps up to your apartment then you can easily brighten the spot by adding a couple of California poppy containers.
It is very easy to forget about the beauty of greenery when living in a town or city, only enjoying it when you take rare trips to the park. But there is no reason not to enjoy gardening and plants every day by simply including a few easy to grow flowers in your daily life. There is almost always somewhere in your home that you can grow flowers if you try and think outside the box, and with California poppies you can bring some extravagance to your home. Once you've started growing these great little plants you'll soon recognize their benefits to both the environment and your mood. And before long you may even find that your neighbors have followed your lead and started growing poppies too.

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